[Twisted-Python] Using DeferredList with deferredGenerator or inlineCallbacks?

Don Dwiggins ddwiggins at advpubtech.com
Fri Apr 11 19:37:40 EDT 2008

I have some code that uses defer.deferredGenerator (Python 2.4) like so:

>         info1InProgress = defer.waitForDeferred(self.info1Deferred(acctNo))
>         yield info1InProgress
>         info2InProgress = defer.waitForDeferred(self.info2Deferred(acctNo))
>         yield info2InProgress
>         # Both queries have results; process them
>         info1Result = info1InProgress.getResult()
>         info2Result = info2InProgress.getResult()

The "info" functions are two queries using adbapi whose results will be 
combined in subsequent code; they're independent, in that either could 
be run before the other.  My question is, could I use a DeferredList 
somehow in this case, without giving up the convenience of the inline 
style?  If so, could it also be done in 2.5 using inlineCallbacks?

Don Dwiggins
Advanced Publishing Technology

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