[Twisted-Python] Thumbs up for TwistedWebPlan

alex clemesha clemesha at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 18:03:08 EDT 2008

On Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 2:01 PM,  <glyph at divmod.com> wrote:
>  On 01:29 pm, wthie at thiengineering.ch wrote:
> > Just read your TwistedWebPlan and it sounds better than what I was able to
> dream up during my sufferings.
> >
> > I know that without all the foundation work going into twisted and nevow I
> would never have been able to build a stable running production game server.
> So it's good to know in what direction things evolve!
> >
> > A big 'thank you' (drawing my hat and bowing)!
> >
>  No problem!  We should have done this a long time ago.
>  The biggest thanks, of course, would be simply to submit patches for
> twisted.web and help us migrate web2's "greatest hits" back into the
> twisted.web server :).
Yes, the TwistedWebPlan looks like a Good Thing.

One question though, what are the "greatest hits" of web2 in the
developers opinions?
I think this is an important step in making it possible for people (non experts)
to efficiently target what is "good", so that they might have a chance
to contribute patches efficiently.

I've looked through the web/web2 source code and all the unittests enough to
know that mostly the "issues" are a  "problem of perception" (see
So I bet more communication (on the wiki) would help prevent further
problems of this nature.

A quick "brain dump" of these "good" and "bad" pieces on some wiki page
 would probably get some momentum going!


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