[Twisted-Python] Vertex or other P2P libraries for twisted?

Vince Cate vince6 at offshore.ai
Fri Apr 4 14:56:32 EDT 2008

I would like a library that I can use from Twisted to help with
peer-to-peer communication.  I have looked at and tried Vertex:


This is the kind of thing I want.  But I am having some problems with
it.  Are there other similar libraries out there?  What are people

The problem we have with Vertex is sending from Windows to Linux.  We
can do Linux to Windows.

The error we get is in file ptcp.py
in class PTCP
def connect(self, factory, host, port, pseudoPort=1)
with factory <vertex.q2q.RPTCPConnectionAttempt instance at 0x010CEBE8>

Any help appreciated.

   -- Vince Cate

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