[Twisted-Python] Need some help with my first Twisted program

McCann, Brian bmccann at andmore.com
Fri Oct 26 17:34:17 EDT 2007

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> >Could you point me in the direction of a better example?  I 
> assumed that
> >I could find what I needed if I dug hard enough in the API 
> docs, but I
> >just kept reaching dead ends.
> The API docs are nice (in places), but nothing really beats 
> diving into the
> source itself.  There are some areas of Twisted which use 
> obscure techniques
> to achieve a goal, but for the most part the code isn't too 
> hard to follow
> (and this is improving all the time).  If I had the code in 
> front of me again
> I could probably tell you the particular path I traced up 
> from your code into
> conch to find a point where it was clear that the "closed" 
> method is what you
> want to override, but I don't at the moment - but that's all 
> I did, looked at
> the source, figured out what was called by what, step by step 
> until I found
> the feature you were interested in.  Now, I've used conch 
> before, and maybe
> even this feature of it, but I didn't consciously remember 
> the answer until
> I saw it in the code again this time.  Previous experience 
> might have guided
> me a bit in the right direction, but not much beyond that.
> I might be able to provide some more specific guidance if 
> you're still not
> finding what you need, but probably not until sometime next week.
> Jean-Paul

Thanks, I'll start cracking open the source and let you know how I make


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