[Twisted-Python] Re: Should I use asynchronous programming in my own modules?

Jürgen Strass jrg718 at gmx.net
Thu Oct 18 14:22:11 EDT 2007

Toby Dickenson wrote:
> [...]
> Set twisted aside for a moment. I propose one good pythonic interface to
> your html creation code may be a generate_html_iter() method, which returns
> an iterator over the documents html fragments. You can implement this using
> the processNextElement approach you suggested, although python generator
> functions may be more convenient.
> A thin wrapper around this iterator could use reactor.callLater to schedule
> it, then fire a callback when complete. An equally thin wrapper could use
> PostMessage to calculate the document in the background of a win32 gui. Or
> it could feed a pull producer.  Alternatively it could be run in another
> thread with deferToThread(lambda:''.join(g.generate_html_iter()))
> I hope this helps,
Some seconds before I read your message I've posted my reply to 
Christopher Armstrong. This message contains some code of mine that 
already uses some sort of wrapper class. Though it doesn't use an 
iterator and maybe isn't as pythonic, it wraps a synchronous interface. 
Not sure if this is similar to the thin wrapper you had in mind?

Thank you very much,

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