[Twisted-Python] using Twisted with postgresql

Burus Gmail eburus at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 02:45:09 EDT 2007

I'm using psycopg2 with dictionary cursor.

Create module twistedpg.py in the python path(in my variant it's
twisted's project directory)

from psycopg2 import *
from psycopg2 import _psycopg as _2psycopg
from psycopg2.extensions import connection as _2connection
from psycopg2.extras import DictCursor

del connect
def connect(*args, **kwargs):
    kwargs['connection_factory'] = connection
    return _2psycopg.connect(*args, **kwargs)

class connection(_2connection):
    def cursor(self):
    return _2connection.cursor(self, cursor_factory=DictCursor)

In a twisted's plugin i using standard ConnectionPool

master_db = ConnectionPool('twistedpg', user='pron',
                           password='xxx', host='',
                           database='playboy', port=5436, cp_max=5,
                           cp_noisy=True, cp_reconnect=True)

Tim Allen wrote:
> On 16 Oct 2007, at 13:40, Doris Lam wrote:
>> I'm new to Twisted and is currently looking for a way to
>> asynchronously do queries to a postgres database. From what I've seen
>> it looks likes.here's a project called pgasync
>> (http://jamwt.com/pgasync/) that does this, or I can use Twisted's
>> adbapi and some other synchronous module. I'm wondering if anyone has
>> used pgasync and how it compares to using adbapi and threads? From
>> the pgasync site it seems the last update was in 2005, so I'm not
>> sure if anyone's still maintaining it. If using adbapi's better, can
>> I get some suggestions as to which postgres module I should use? So
>> far I've seen pyPgSQL and psychopg that're both DB API 2 compliant.
>> Any help will be appreciated!
> I don't have any experience with PgAsync, but (while it's a very cool
> idea), I personally would prefer to use a database wrapper that wraps
> libpq - the standard, Postgres-supplied client library, shared with
> and debugged by nearly every other tool that talks to Postgres -
> rather than a wrapper that uses its own ground-up reimplementation.
> I also don't have any experience with pyPgSQL, but I have used
> psycopg2 and been impressed with its features and performance.

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