[Twisted-Python] using Twisted with postgresql

Doris Lam dlamoris at ucla.edu
Mon Oct 15 23:40:43 EDT 2007


I'm new to Twisted and is currently looking for a way to asynchronously 
do queries to a postgres database. From what I've seen it looks like 
there's a project called pgasync (http://jamwt.com/pgasync/) that does 
this, or I can use Twisted's adbapi and some other synchronous module. 
I'm wondering if anyone has used pgasync and how it compares to using 
adbapi and threads? From the pgasync site it seems the last update was 
in 2005, so I'm not sure if anyone's still maintaining it. If using 
adbapi's better, can I get some suggestions as to which postgres module 
I should use? So far I've seen pyPgSQL and psychopg that're both DB API 
2 compliant. Any help will be appreciated!


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