[Twisted-Python] [newbie] server script with client functionality

Johann Borck johann.borck at densedata.com
Mon Oct 15 18:46:50 EDT 2007

Evert Rol wrote:
>   Hi all,
> I'm trying to write a server script that can pass the received data on
> (acting as a client) to a next server.
> Say, server A receives data from client B, and then acts as client A
> (while keeping in contact with client B) for server C.
> I'm using it to pass data through an extra machine before reaching the
> actual machine, where the extra machine serves as a security measure
> (eg, if that gets hacked, that won't bring too may other things down).
> I'm new to Twisted, so I'm not sure where to find information on this. 

> I've been looking at creating a client at the moment that the server
> receives data (in the dataReceived() method), but then I get two
> factory.run() methods
do you mean reactor.run()?  Factories usually just implement
buildProtocol, and can be used to keep references to protocols and other
stuff (see tutorial).
> , and would also need to find a way to stop the client; that doesn't
> seem to be correct. Or perhaps using threads, but then I don't know
> how to pass the data from the server to client.
you don't need threads.
> Best to me would to have both connections active, each on their own
> port, and when data is received, 'something' in the client part gets
> called that sends these data on.
> Alternatively, I could simply call an external program with the data
> as arguments from the server script, but I'd like a all-in-one
> solution if possible. Or perhaps I'm looking at this the wrong way?
> (Although I'd prefer not to try and turn 'server C' into 'client C'.)
what do you mean by  turning 'server C' into 'client C'?
> Any suggestions or pointers?
How many connections from A to C do you need? as many as for B to A?
Since you're in control of both servers it might make sense to keep some
connections open between A and C, and save some handshake-overhead.

The finger example comes close to what you need, you just have to make
serverprotocolA and clientprotocolA aware of each other.

> Thanks in advance,
>   Evert
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