[Twisted-Python] Hack Fest! Tomorrow, Monday, San Francisco. Last call.

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Sun Nov 18 19:58:34 EST 2007


You are invited to attend a Hack Fest at Allmydata Headquarters in  
San Francisco.  The date is tomorrow, Monday, Nov 19, between the end  
of Business Hours and midnight.

My earlier message [1] invited people to bring source code to  
demonstrate live on a projector, preferably open-source and/or peer- 
to-peer source code.  Also, you are welcome to come without source  
code, in order to socialize, eat yummy Goat Hill Pizza (Potrero  
Hill), see other people's open-source and/or peer-to-peer source code  
demonstrated, etc.

How does one demonstrate source code?  Well, we envision having two  
projector screens, one which shows the source code, and one which  
shows the resulting application running, and we see how the behavior  
of the app changes when we change the source code.  Perhaps this will  
lead to submitting patches to our favorite open source projects or  

But in any case, there will definitely be pizza and beer.

Please e-mail zooko at zooko.com.



[1] http://lists.zooko.com/pipermail/p2p-hackers/2007-November/ 

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