[Twisted-Python] Two main loops

Drew Smathers drew.smathers at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 14:24:13 EST 2007

> Although I'm glad you've gained some insight into the exciting world of
> improving performance (or not) with parallelism, I wouldn't read too
> much into this.  threadedselectreactor is a particularly poorly-tested
> piece of code and it might have performance bugaboos of its own that
> have nothing to do with concurrency.  Also, as I said, I've tried
> Twisted Wars; one of the things I noticed about it is that the framerate
> seems to degrade slowly over time until the game becomes sluggish and
> unplayable.  It seems like you're leaking computation somewhere.  So
> you've got a lot of factors to consider when measuring your overall
> framerate.

Yes, it leaks like a dam in Holland.  That was a bug that cropped up at the
end of the competition.  But that's become the new goal of the game - get as
money as money as possible before your memory is full and you die.

The minor performance boost was observable at the start of the game before
the scenes are flooded with unclaimed TCP rays.  If there is a next game,
I'll probably start from scratch and take more careful steps to prove the
scene artifact management is robust before diving into anything more

Thanks for your input.

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