[Twisted-Python] Perspective broker and pipes

Nitro nitro at dr-code.org
Mon Nov 5 13:05:12 EST 2007

Am 31.10.2007, 14:55 Uhr, schrieb Ed Suominen <general at eepatents.com>:

> The processworker module of my AsynQueue package spawns a process and
> makes a PB connection with it via stdin/stdout. Perhaps you could adapt
> it for your purposes.
> http://foss.eepatents.com/trac/AsynQueue/browser/projects/AsynQueue/trunk/asynqueue/processworker.py
> Best regards, Ed

Thanks, Ed!

This helped me to get started. I am using a modified version of StdIO  
along with _pollingfile now. It works really nicely!


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