[Twisted-Python] Twisted.Names assistance with auth and additional sections

Thomas Hervé therve at free.fr
Wed Mar 21 05:11:51 EDT 2007

Quoting Sean Leach <kickdaddy at gmail.com>:

> Ok...ignore my last post, jumped the gun, the additional and authority
> still don't exist in the result object.  In addition, I tried your
> example to make sure I wasn't crazy, and it doesn't return any result
> data.  I know it's not a network issue or anything silly as I can
> query a.root fine with dig and get the results.  Here is the session:
> $ cat test.py
> #!/usr/bin/python2.4
> import time
> from twisted.names import dns, client, _version
> print _version.version
> def errorHandler(error):
>    print str(error)
> r = client.Resolver(servers=[('', 53)])
> d = r.queryUDP([dns.Query('google.com', dns.IN,
> dns.A)]).addErrback(errorHandler)
> time.sleep(5)  ## give it a time for shitz and giggles
> print d
> print d.result

I *think* you're missing something about Twisted. You should start the reactor
to have something, and *never* use time.sleep inside a Twisted program.

You could start with reading the documentation here:


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