[Twisted-Python] Twisted.Names assistance with auth and additional sections

Jean-Paul Calderone exarkun at divmod.com
Tue Mar 20 22:41:52 EDT 2007

On Tue, 20 Mar 2007 16:13:14 -0700, Sean Leach <kickdaddy at gmail.com> wrote:
>Thanks Jean-Paul,
>I tried changing to queryUDP, and it just sits there, never sends out
>a query (watching with tcpdump).  If I change it to _lookup, which it
>looks like queryUDP calls, it sends the query, but like lookupAddress,
>I don't get the additional and auth sections still...
>What is weird, when I do this
>deferred = resolver.queryUDP([Dns.Query(name, dns.IN, dns.A)])
>and I try and debug why it's hanging, I put a print in the
>ResolverBase.queryUDP function right at the top, and it never prints.

The factoring here is a little weird.  Try creating a t.names.client.Resolver
explicitly (just instantiate it with a servers list or a resolv.conf filename)
and calling queryUDP on it (unless you were doing this already).  The
createResolver function does some other stuff which might be getting in the
way here, either of functioning or debugging.

Here's an example (using t/conch/stdio.py):

  >>> from twisted.names import dns, client
  >>> r = client.Resolver(servers=[('', 53)])
  >>> d = r.queryUDP([dns.Query('google.com', dns.IN, dns.A)])
  >>> d
  <Deferred at 0xB78F072CL  current result: <twisted.names.dns.Message instance at 0xb79b6aec>>
  >>> d.result
  <twisted.names.dns.Message instance at 0xb79b6aec>
  >>> d.result.authority
  [<snip - a bunch of records>]
  >>> d.result.additional
  [<snip - a bunch of records>]
  >>> d.result.answers

Hope this helps things,


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