[Twisted-Python] Server/Client

Delgado, Edgardo CIV NAVAIR edgardo.delgado at navy.mil
Wed Jun 27 14:16:17 EDT 2007

OK, I got the portforwarding stuff done using protocols.portforward.
But this is good for 1:1 relationship, i.e. listen on one port and
forwarding to another.
What I need is a 1:many relationship, i.e. listen on one port and
forwarding to many ports.


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I would like to build a server that when it gets a message on a specific
port it will "forward" that message to another port.
I.e. "Server1" listens on port 10000. When it gets data on port 10000 it
will forward the data to "Server2" listening on port 15000.


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