[Twisted-Python] reactor and thread

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Wed Jun 13 22:05:06 EDT 2007

Gábor Bernáth already answered your question, but I'd like to answer as 
specifically as possible for future readers who may discover this 

On 13 Jun, 06:21 pm, michele.petrazzo at unipex.it wrote:
>    reactor.call_in_main_thrad(callBack)

This is spelled:

>reactor.callIntoThread(tid, funct, callBack)

This is spelled:

    from twisted.internet.threads import deferToThread
>Is this possible with twisted? (Does I'm dreaming?)

This, and many other fun features of the reactor, can be discovered by 
reading the twisted.internet interface documentation, available here:


You can read more specifically about threads here:


I hope this proves useful to you!
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