[Twisted-Python] A longshot, UML and twisted.

Sven-Erik Tiberg Sven-Erik.Tiberg at ltu.se
Wed Jun 6 13:40:21 EDT 2007

Would like to visuliaze the signal ( state ) flow between a Interactive
VR-World ( using X3D ) and a Mathworks / Simulink model using twisted
and UDP.
It's the realtime system that we are planning to make for development
and training of vehicle drivers and process plant controllers.
Have tried to draw by hand and figures but would prefere to use a more
formal way to describe it.
Been there before made the software for a motionplatform for offroad and
marine vehicles back in -79 and had to modify the JSP model with Real
time functions, but it was worth it. Had to add symbol for priority,
sceeduling, process start / termination and semaphores. 
PS. downloaded RhapsodyModeler today from telelogic ( FOC) beacuse it
had UML-extensions for RT compared to MS Visio. 
Con: Lacking code handling like reverse engineering, so it's onky to
visulaize a event driven system like the one described above.
PS, it still my sparetime project but there are some thoughts about
making a course out of it for design-, HMI-, system developer and
mashine enginners.
Wouldn't that be fun. 

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Hi Sven,

>A longshot, anyone modelled a system with twisted components in uml
using f.ex. a stateschart.

Not that I'm aware of; it would be a massive task, with no obvious

Why do you want such a thing?  Perhaps we can suggest an alternative
means of extracting the information you want without UML diagrams.

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