[Twisted-Python] FUSE (Was: Re: How to achieve a reliable "connection" over UDP?)

Ilpo Nyyssönen iny+news at iki.fi
Wed Jul 25 01:33:48 EDT 2007

glyph at divmod.com writes:

> Oh man.  This is *exactly* what I wanted to do with Vertex.  Of
> course, you need a good Twisted-integrated version of FUSE first, but
> that shouldn't be too hard ;).

Is there a better way to integrate FUSE and Twisted than use one
thread for FUSE and one for Twisted reactor without signal handlers? 
(Using the FUSE Python bindings of course.)

I have one filesystem for personal use done this way and it does seem
to work. (A simple filesystem for browsing zip contents,)

Ilpo Nyyssönen # biny # /* :-) */

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