[Twisted-Python] VFS Status

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Tue Jul 17 15:41:45 EDT 2007

On 06:10 pm, andy at thecablelounge.com wrote:
>The branch to rectify these issues is: branches/makeVFSAsync-1223-2

Hi Andy!  Thanks so much for writing up this update so that everyone 
knows what's going on.  Makes me ashamed that I have so many things I 
need to do this for, which I haven't :).
>Things done so far in the branch:

>Things still left to do for the branch to be merged:
>  * clean up the adapter tests: 
>  * port the existing adapters to use the new async backends
>  * clean up variable/module naming to be more consistent
>  * remove all of the now unused code
>  * ensure all patches since branching from canonical are incorporated

I would strongly encourage interested members of the community to 
contribute patches against that branch which do these things and attach 
them to the various tickets mentioned here.  Obviously the people who 
are using and working on VFS the most have a severely limited amount of 
time to spend on it, so every little bit helps!

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