[Twisted-Python] [OT] Flash AMF and Twisted

Reinoud Elhorst twisted at claude.nl
Mon Jul 16 04:08:41 EDT 2007

Arnar Birgisson wrote:
> On 7/14/07, Reinoud Elhorst <twisted at claude.nl> wrote:
>> I only read this message today. About a month ago, I started playing a
>> little with such a project myself. Actually the project is (the
>> millionth) media player on the Wii, but since progressive download on
>> the Wii works only for flv-files smaller than about 100M (it runs out of
>> memory else), I needed a streaming flv server.
>> I'm still trying to get a feel for best practices in Python, however it
>> does get the work done, it can streams flvs to flash player.
>> http://code.google.com/p/wiidiaplayer/
>> Just wanted to let you know.
> Thanks!
> Uhh.. I just took a look at your code and though "he's doing this
> stuff exactly as we did" - until I realized it was my code :/ - I
> guess that's partly our fault for not including the license disclaimer
> in our experimental files. To be clear, you are free to copy the code
> as you like - but please include the copyright notice somewhere (our
> code is MIT licensed).
> On the other hand, your RTMP stuff is something we are planning on
> implementing in RTMPy. I would much appreciate it if you were willing
> to join our project and help us out, since your input would definitely
> be of great value. Our page is at http://dev.collab.com/rtmpy (seems
> to be down atm) and our ML is at
> http://lists.collab.com/mailman/listinfo/rtmpy.
> Arnar
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OK, Sorry about the copyright message. I was using Django's AMF parser, 
but it had a bug (undefined type 6, by now I realise that it should just 
return None), I put in your amf parser yesterday to see how it would go 
(and, too be honest, didn't know the details of the MIT licence...). 
What is the exact wording of the copyright you'd like me to include? 
(Actually I guess I should double check django's code license too.....)

The rest of the rtmpcode is a port from 
http://code.google.com/p/haxevideo/, mixed with a lot of my own to 
server specific file types.

I joined the rtmpy lists, hopefully I can be of some value!


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