[Twisted-Python] Re: Perspective Broker with blocking, non-thread-safe C api?

s. w. wingfields at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 12 16:22:16 EDT 2007

>On 03:25 pm, ellisonbg.net at gmail.com wrote:
> >The reason is that is you call a blocking C api in the thread, the
> >Python interpreter will not be able to switch threads until the
> >blocking C calls....unless the C code releases the Global Interpreter
> >Lock.  Thus you have two choices:
>(1 and 2 snipped)
> >The way we usually handle this is to make a separate process that
> >manages a queue of commands to be executed on the server.  Clients
> >then connect to this manager, which in turns submits them to the
> >actual PB server at the appropriate time.  This is a pain, but it
> >works extremely well.
>That sounds like a viable "third choice", and I have a fourth ;).
>Have the PB server itself spawn a subprocess (or multiple subprocesses!)
>dedicated to this particular API.  Then simply block in that (those)
>subprocess(es), and return Deferreds from your PB methods that wait for
>those requests to complete.
>That way the PB server remains self-contained and you don't add the
>administrative overhead of setting up a separate server.

Thanks for all the great suggestions.  Because of some restrictions imposed 
by the C api, I think I will try out the spawning of subprocesses.

I don't suppose PB does IPC by any chance? :)


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