[Twisted-Python] twisted to the iphone rescue ?

Jonathan Vanasco twisted-python at 2xlp.com
Sun Jul 1 00:09:24 EDT 2007

I just got an iPhone, and like many other tech people, I'm pissed:

a_ There's no terminal/shell - i think they wanted to lock-down the  
b_ There's no Chat feature - they wanted to push people into an  
overpriced AT&T scheme

Some people have been doing workarounds:
re: http://arstechnica.com/journals/apple.ars/2007/06/25/aim-and-ssh- 

		web-based aim proxy
		think twisted-words

		web-based ssh proxy over https

And I heard of a few more in the pipes.

Is anyone working on stuff like this using Twisted though?

For a seasoned Twisted programmer, this should be pretty simple...  
I've done most of the features of both in other apps based on  
twisted , which seems to support both feature sets really really well.

Just wondering/hoping that someone here is planning on releasing some  
standalone stuff that people can download and run on their servers  
( ssh for security , chatting for aim/icq/jabber not throttling any  
one ip - which is happening right now )

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