[Twisted-Python] Re: Using twisted.trial with nose unittest system

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Wed Feb 7 16:24:18 EST 2007

On 05:36 pm, antoine.pitrou at wengo.com wrote:

>> More serious than the process-running issue, from my point of view, is
>> the fact that if you forget the "@deferred" decorator on a test that
>> uses any reactor API, or code that internally _uses_ any reactor API,
>> you will put your tests into a non-deterministic state, and although
>> they'll pass _most_ of the time, they will die depending on the load
>> characteristics of your machine at the time and (insert long-winded
>> rant about the evil things threads do to your code here).  Tests are
>> exactly the place you never want this to happen :).
>That's certainly right, although you should get messages about uncaught
>exceptions or unhandled errbacks, so you'll know that something went

That's not the sort of problem I'm talking about.  Some reactor APIs will appear to work when called from the wrong thread, so if you forget a @deferred somewhere, your test might seem to work, or hang in a weird place, or produce different error output each time.

>What happens with Trial when you forget to return the Deferred the test
>should wait on?

Trial doesn't require tests to return Deferreds.  If there is no Deferred, the test completes immediately.

>> All in all it seems like it would be simpler to just use trials'
>> TestCase class with nose.  Is there any reason not to?
>Given that Trial is a self-contained tool, and given that nose also has
>its own test running and collecting, I simply didn't expect this to work
>or to keep working accross versions of both tools.

This is definitely a concern, but your current approach doesn't seem any less fragile.

>> Trial doesn't force your code to make use of Twisted, and as Mr. Lange
>> has declared previously, it goes to some lengths to be compatible with
>> stdlib unit tests.
>Of course, but to use Trial you must install Twisted don't you ?

>Which is quite a big dependency,

Is 2 megabytes really too big?

>and Twisted does not yet support being easy_install'ed.

... and nose doesn't yet support being apt-get installed ;-)

If you'd like to see easy_install support for Twisted, please feel free to contribute support for it; the release manager could probably use some help maintaining setup.py in general.
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