[Twisted-Python] Re: Using twisted.trial with nose unittest system

Antoine Pitrou antoine.pitrou at wengo.com
Wed Feb 7 10:32:26 EST 2007

Hi Jean-Paul,

> The one practical problem which this method of integration has is that
> it will not allow unit tests to run child processes.  So, one wouldn't
> be able to run Twisted's test suite with nose using this.  Of course,
> if one has no interest in running tests which run child processes, then
> this may not be a big deal.

Do you mean because the reactor does not receive signals?

> >Let me give a few points as for nose vs. Trial :
> >- nose does not depend on Twisted. Unless all your Python projects make
> >use of Twisted, you certainly don't like having to use a different
> >testing tool depending on the project.
> >- nose has nice features, including the ability to write tests as
> >functions without having to write classes
> >- nose has a plugin system which already provides several extensions
> >- nose is documented
> Thanks for the feature list. :)  The reason I posted to the thread is
> that I was interested in which specific features were proving useful
> to a real user.  Can I take this as a list of features you find to be
> of practical value, as a user of nose yourself?

Definitely (apart from the plugin system which is quite optional, but
will probably encourage people to write some interesting add-ons).



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