[Twisted-Python] Chat server

Tomas Neme lacrymology at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 12:49:52 EDT 2007

I'm making an MMO game with several "levels" that will be distributed
over different servers and need a centralized chat server. The general
idea was to make an IRC (exarkun recommended Jabber but this is just a
detail) server with channels like #all #<guild> #<room>, etcetera, and
make the game client logon into it and let it handle all the chat

I've been reading t.words's tap and service but I'm not getting the
general idea of what a chat service (with probably an offline
messaging service) should look like, and what does all of the stuff
underneath words do, and wether I need it or not if I'm not going to
be multi-protocol'ed

Does anyone have a few pointers on what should I read before getting
myself into it? words' documentation is not exactly throughout, so I'm
kind of lost here

Tomás (Lacrymology)


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