[Twisted-Python] Best way to write a modularized proxy?

Andrew Warkentin andreww at datanet.ab.ca
Thu Aug 16 08:45:58 EDT 2007

L. Daniel Burr wrote:

>> Would the best way to handle the modules be to write a ServerFactory  
>> subclass that wraps the stack of modules? I understand the basic  
>> concepts behind Twisted, but am not totally familiar with the API, so 
>> I  am not exactly sure what is the best way to do things.
> I'd write an IService implementation for each type of proxy I wanted
> to deploy, hang them all off of a MultiService, and go from there.
What would be the best way to tie together the filter objects within the 
service? I would like the filter modules to have a common interface and 
have common code for handling the stack of filters.

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