[Twisted-Python] struggling with twisted telnet

Andrew Roden andrew.roden at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 08:25:59 EDT 2007


I'm pretty new to python which probably isn't helping, but I'm kind of stuck
with twisted telnet. I'm trying to build a couple of 'emulators' for some
simple router/switches just so that you can log on and run some 'standard'
commands and get a 'standard' output for use elsewhere. I've managed to get
an SSH version working with the massively helpful section in the O'Reilly
book but I cannot get the telnet version working. the script 'runs' with no
errors, but it doesn't stay running and bind to port 23 giving me my telnet
server. I enclose a zip with the ssh and the telnet versions, if anyone can
give me any pointers it would be massively appreciated (I haven't even
attempted to add in the 'login' which is in the SSH version... so any help
on that would be great too :) )


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