[Twisted-Python] Running twisted.trial unittests using nose

Chris Miles miles.chris at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 10:10:53 EDT 2007

On 6 Aug 2007, at 14:20, glyph at divmod.com wrote:

> On 12:17 pm, miles.chris at gmail.com wrote:
>> I'm simply curious as to whether it is safe for me to rely on a  
>> test runner other than "trial" to run the tests?  I assume any  
>> magic (knowledge of deferreds) is within the   
>> twisted.trial.unittest.TestCase class and the "trial" command is   
>> simply another tool to discover and pretty print the results.   
>> From  what I've seen, both "nosetests" and "trial" will produce  
>> the same  report (although "trial" looks nicer :-).  Or perhaps  
>> this wouldn't  be the case if I needed to interact with the reactor?
> There is an implicit, undocumented goal that tests written for  
> trial should remain usable with other test runners.  Recently, I  
> filed a ticket because not even *I* know which test runners or how  
> this is supposed to work.  You can follow the discussion /  
> resolution here:
>    http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/ticket/2739
> Personally I'd never use nose because, as you say, trial looks  
> nicer :), so I can only guess what's going wrong.
> The potential problem (currently) with using Twisted's TestCase  
> class together with other runners is that the tests do something  
> that no other Twisted application does, and which is not _really_  
> supported by the framework: re-start the reactor repeatedly.

Thanks glyph, this was the answer I was expecting.  Not an issue for  
me, it is just nice to know what is "supposed" to work and what isn't  
guaranteed to.

I have documented my project as requiring "trial" (the command) to  
run the tests, with a note that even though the tests pass when using  
"nosetests" (or another test runner) that may not be always reliable.

Chris Miles

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