[Twisted-Python] Looking for an answer...

Chaz. eprparadocs at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 11:36:42 EDT 2007

I have programmed very traditional systems passed on fork and pthreads 
and have used state machine systems. Last year I started working with 
Twisted Matrix. Each has their appropriate application.

I started thinking about how to implement the following in Twisted, and 
realized I don't know if it is possible. I thought I would ask the list 
to find out if someone can come up with an answer.

Suppose I have a sequence of instructions, some of which can take a long 
time. For example in a non-Twisted Matrix system I would do:

	....do some computation....

	proxy = xmlrpc.Proxy("http://....")

	... take the results of the CallRemote and use them...

In this example I assume CallRemote() only returns a result when it has 

In the Twisted Matrix system I would do something like:

	...do some computation....
	proxy = twisted.web.xmlrpc.Proxy("http://...")
	defer = proxy.CallRemote(...)

And I would define fcs_StoreErr() and fcs_storeDone(). In 
fcs_storeDone() I would take the results from the CallRemote() and 
process them.

My question is easy (the answer might be hard):

	Can I emulate the non-Twisted example in the Twisted Matrix
system. In other words can I create something like CallRemote() which 
returns only there is a result to process and get away from having to 
explicitly use a defer?


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