[Twisted-Python] Load testing twistd + twisted.soap

Matthew Glubb matt at zgroupplc.com
Fri Apr 27 06:51:05 EDT 2007

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Hi All,

I am attempting to write a simple load test for my soap web services.  
I am running the application under twistd and using trial for unit  
tests. I understand that for a real load test, I would use a tool  
like ab or http_load in a more scientific environment but I want to  
get a quick feel for how well a twisted application stands up against  
low levels of load on my dev box and I feel that there is merit in  
setting a baseline level of performance in a unit test.

I am running into problems with the following:

class SOAPTestCase(BaseTestCase):

     url = 'http://localhost:8080/'

     def setUp(self):
         self.proxy = Proxy(self.url)

     def testMutipleAPCs(self):
         """Assert that multiple APCs succeed"""
         deferred = defer.Deferred()
         for i in range(100):
             d = self.testAPCTimeout()
         return deferred

     def testAPCTimeout(self):
         deferred = self.proxy.callRemote('processApc', 0,  
         return deferred

     def APCTimeout(self, result):
         requestIdForApc, requestDataForApc, errorFlag, result = result

         self.assertEqual(result, res)
         self.assertTrue(isinstance(requestIdForApc, str))
         self.assertEqual(id, requestIdForApc)
         self.assertTrue(isinstance(requestDataForApc, str))
         self.assertEqual(data, requestDataForApc)

         self.assertTrue(isinstance(errorFlag, str))
err), errorFlag)

For a start, I get a lot of 'reactor left in unclean state' warnings.  
This number of twisted.internet.tcp.Client instances that this  
reports on is never usually all of them:

twisted.trial.util.DirtyReactorError: THIS WILL BECOME AN ERROR SOON!  
reactor left in unclean state, the following Selectables were left  
over:  <<class 'twisted.internet.tcp.Client'> to ('localhost', 8080)  
at 1782390> <<class 'twisted.internet.tcp.Client'> to ('localhost',  
8080) at 1782150> ...

In addition I get pending time calls still pending:

twisted.trial.util.PendingTimedCallsError: pendingTimedCalls still  
pending (consider setting twisted.internet.base.DelayedCall.debug =  
True): <DelayedCall 24636392 [24.8269200325s] called=0 cancelled=0  
Client.failIfNotConnected(TimeoutError('',))> ...

Does any twisted genius have any idea what I am doing wrong?



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