[Twisted-Python] Trial docs?

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Tue Apr 10 00:54:43 EDT 2007

On 01:38 am, terry at jon.es wrote:
>Within the last month, someone mentioned to me that Trial was one of 
>better-documented components of Twisted.

Terry, if I was the one who committed this terrible crime against you, I 
apologize.  I hope that, if that was the case, it was simply a 
miscommunication and I had actually said something like "trial (ought to 
be) one of the better-documented components of Twisted".

The best documentation I know of for trial right now (and the only thing 
I routinely consult) is "trial --help".
>I guess we'll all agree that this could be improved.

>Just doing the above and now sending this mail (with the aim of 
>things for others) has taken me probably 45 minutes, on top of which my
>fingers now ache. I wish I could have used all these keystrokes to do 

As the esteemed Mr. Lange already said, this email *was* very valuable. 
Thank you.
>I'm happy to edit the wiki if one of you will fill in the X and Y's in 

What's your login name for trac?  I think someone will need to give you 
edit permission, if they haven't already.
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