[Twisted-Python] Synchronization

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 6 18:13:07 EDT 2007

Hello Glyph:

>Stackless tasklets that "want to run" ought to be
>running due to events transpiring.  One kind of event
>is "time passes" (reactor.callLater), 
>other types of events are user interaction (like
>callbacks in a UI such as GTK) or I/O events
>(dataReceived, connectionLost, et. al.)

I am still relatively new to Twisted...  In the past,
I tried using loopingCall. In turn, the task would
make a call to stackless.schedule() that would allow
waiting tasklets to execute. The problem was that
certain tests would fail resulting in reactor errors
or deferreds would not fire. Also I really don't have
an understanding of what happens when a callback calls
stackless.schedule(). So I would like to avoid this
construct if I can.
(I posted all the aforementioned in the "Advice on
Writing a Custom Reactor." )

As a note, under the two threads approach, I still
lost "deferreds." However placing a time.sleep() after
calling a deferred method, would result in the
deferred properly functioning. I am operating under
the suspicion that there is some issue involving the
GIL. This is one of the "issues" I mentioned in my
previous post. 

>There should be no need for native threads in a
>Twisted+Stackless universe.  Even if all your
tasklets >constantly want to be doing work, they
should be able >to do that via a tasklet scheduler
that is always 
>running with a 0 callLater timeout. Do you think this
>would be possible?

Glyph, I modified my web server example (in the
Twisted/Stackless code examples repository). Now the
code is:

reactor.listenTCP(port, MyHttpFactory())
reactor.callLater(1, stackless.schedule)

Unfortunately the tick tasklet does not pump out
numbers until my web browser makes a request....
(Hopefully) I am doing something wrong?

Glyph, once again, I apologise for being a newbie. I
thought there should be no need for native threads in
a Twisted/Stackless universe too. However by adding an
additional thread, my application works, the solution
is relatively clean, and I have a better understanding
of what is happening. 

Right now, the important thing is that I am reaping
the benefits of Twisted/Stackless which allow me to
focus on WS-BPEL specific programming. Without
Stackless and Twisted, I couldn't do a fraction of
what I am currently achieving. Also by posting my
problems in the Stackless mailing list, I found out
that there are many other people interested in using
Stackless with Twisted. Still I will always be on the
lookout for the right Twisted way to do things. 


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