[Twisted-Python] Perspective Broker vs XMLRPC for this...

Yoheeb yoheeb at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 21 16:18:52 EDT 2006

Hi all, 

I have never used twisted, but really would like to.  I am in the middle of
rough design of an xmlrpc OR OTHER remote method invocation type system.  I am
debating the use of xmlrpc vs the use of perspective broker.  (for a quick
prototype I will likely use the python base xmlrpc lib, but just for proof of

I need to support both java and python. (and really c/c++ in some fashion would
be nice also) from both "local" and remote sources.

I really need something that is secure as well, although I can work around
security with either via pre-post process encrytption techniques as needed.

I will need the ability to expose/hide methods based on the user privledges.  I
envision a single "services" like tool that populates a list of things you can
run based on user rights.  For this I need usernames/pwds to somehow be secure
(md5, rot13, whatever, just something)

I will have connections over vpn, local code calls, and eventually over local
serial and usb ports. (assuming everthing looks like a simple IP socket stream)

Finally, I have somehting else running a simple xmlrpc server on the system, and
may want to propogate calls to that with some magic wrapper function. (to be
specific, I am running a copy of eXist, the xmldb)


Ok, so with all those rough requirements in mind, will PB be worthwhile?  There
is no preference from the client applications point of view.

Right now I am doing a proof of concept, and have a ton of issues that could be
neatly solved by a nice RMI system that is secure.

Thanks in advance.


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