[Twisted-Python] Support for ICMP ping?

Nicolas D. Cesar ncesar at lunix.com.ar
Mon Sep 11 15:57:10 EDT 2006

I've been googling if there is any 'ICMP ping' support in Twisted. I've 
encounter ancient replies:


I wonder if today is any ICMP support. I've tried to search the source 
tree[1], and doesn't seem.

My actual needs is creating a DeferredList with "ping-testers" for different 
IPs, just to check if there up or not. 

I know I can end up using twisted.internet.utils.getProcessOutput and calling 
ping, as I would normally do from command line. For other newbies as me in 
the same situation please read: 
http://twistedmatrix.com/users/moshez/talk.html and search 
for 'getProcessOutput' ;-)


[1] my search was:

$ grep  -C3 -ir icmp *
internet/protocol.py-class AbstractDatagramProtocol:
internet/protocol.py:    """Abstract protocol for datagram-oriented 
transports, e.g. IP, ICMP, ARP, UDP."""
internet/protocol.py-    transport = None
internet/protocol.py-    numPorts = 0
internet/protocol.py-    def connectionRefused(self):
internet/protocol.py-        """Called due to error from write in connected 
internet/protocol.py:        Note this is a result of ICMP message generated 
by *previous*
internet/protocol.py-        write.
internet/protocol.py-        """

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