[Twisted-Python] finger tutorial question

Robert Gravina robert at gravina.com
Fri Oct 27 10:38:07 EDT 2006

> I am not familiar enough
> with wxPython to say either way.  From my observations of the attempts
> made by others, but with Twisted and without Twisted, I would try to
> avoid developing anything with wxPython.

I wouldn't discount Twisted and wxPython altogether... Doesn't  
Chandler use this combination?

I did a lot of looking around and couldn't find anything else as  
rich, native-looking, cross platform (linux/mac/windows) and free  
(for commercial use also). Although there was some discussion earlier  
about the stability and future of the wx reactor, at least as  
anecdotal evidence I have been able to use wxPython with Twisted and  
PB without any problems.

What exactly would you suggest as a replacement for wxPython then?


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