[Twisted-Python] Re: [Divmod-dev] keeping client data in sync with Twisted, mirroring some Axiom Items on the client-side

Mike Pelletier mike at mkp.ca
Tue Oct 24 12:27:29 EDT 2006

On Tuesday 24 October 2006 03:32, Robert Gravina wrote:
> I'm starting to wonder now if I should replace Twisted with ZEO in my  
> application.

The good news is that zeo+zodb can be used without pulling in the rest of Zope 
(thank god) and you probably could marry it with the rest of your twisted 
app.  The bad news is that zodb has completely different usage semantics and 
tuning assumptions than axiom, and even if you find a way to deal with zodb 
asynchronously (which may be a bigger problem than I just indicated now that 
I give it a passing though), you may find that such a change ends up leaking 
up a few layers of abstraction, depending on your use cases.  I'd be happy to 
hash it out off-list if you decide to go that way.  Regardless of these 
challenges, if your app is write-heavy, zodb is probably not the way to go.

It does seem like what you are trying to do with Axiom would be a fairly 
common case, but it's young so it might not have been addressed.  I'm eager 
to hear what the smart people have to say.  I think I've heard noises about 
Axiom starting to support other databases beyond sqllite, so perhaps it is 
not beyond the realm of possibility that you could connect a bunch of 
axiom-wielding processes to the same database.  For that matter, sqlite has 
been talking about providing a client/server interface.  Either way, I think 
you'd be on the bleeding edge.

Boy, I'm a big help, eh?


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