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Raja Fashions, Quality Mens Fashions


Raja Fashions is no ordinary custom tailor. Raja Fashions was founded
in 1957 and have not only become the most established custom tailor in
Hong Kong, but also the most dynamic.We are constantly applying new
means of technology to make the quality of our garments and efficiency
of our services the best in the industry. Our team is constantly on
the move, learning the ever changing fashion trends and the cultural
differences that impact the way people dress around the world.

We are not merely bespoke tailors, but in fact fashion consultants. We
want you to look good. Regardless of your shape and size, we make it
our mission to make you the best dressed individual in your workplace
or at whatever occassion you plan to attend. With our years of
experience and knowledge of styles and materials we can help you
design clothing that is perfect for you.

For overseas sales and order information
Tel: +852 2366 1801
raja at raja-fashions.com

For Hong Kong sales and order information
Tel: +852 2366 7624
raja at raja-fashions.com

For any questions and feedback concerning our website
Vishal Daswani at vishal at raja-fashions.com

For any other information
raja at raja-fashions.com

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