[Twisted-Python] Help with TCPServer and listenTCP

James Healey healeyjames at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 20 06:56:38 EDT 2006

I've been looking over some Twisted arcticles over the
past day or 2 and havnt found much help on TCPServer,
ive seen server/client exampels which use listenTCP
and connectTCP, but then i also find one that uses

What are the differences between TCPServer and
listenTCP, and what are the parameters to TCPServer?

I'm trying to write a server/client app which handles
a build system, where the build system has x number of
builds it needs to handle. Currently each build is
done at a set time during the night, so one build
might start at 7pm and then the next build might start
at 10pm, each build is dependent on other builds.

A user can request a build, which will then go to the
server and ask if it can start a build and then start
with the first dependancy it needs to build.

But my main question is about the TCPServer call and
how it differs from listenTCP.


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