[Twisted-Python] Re: [Twisted-commits] r16495 - test that scripts wrapped in a CGIDirectory resource actually execute

Cory Dodt corydodt at twistedmatrix.com
Wed Mar 29 12:18:53 EST 2006

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For general discussion, I have attached a pre-commit hook that rejects commits
of .py files containing leading tabs on any line.  It does not do anything to
files not ending in .py.  It does check for tabs mixed with spaces.  It
ignores tabs occurring anywhere but the leading whitespace.  Here's the regex:

_tabs = re.compile(r'^\s*\t\s*.*$')

I have used this, albeit lightly.


Jean-Paul Calderone wrote:
> Tabs?

#!/usr/bin/env python
"""This is a pre-commit hook that checks whether py files being committed
contain tabs in their significant whitespace.
TODO?: check for a file property that says to ignore the significant tabs,
in cases where they're actually needed (although I can't think of any).
import sys
import re

from svn import core, fs, delta, repos

_tabs = re.compile(r'^\s*\t\s*.*$')

class ChangeReceiver(delta.Editor):
    def __init__(self, txn_root, base_root, pool):
        self.txn_root = txn_root
        self.base_root = base_root
        self.pool = pool

    def add_file(self, path, parent_baton,
                 copyfrom_path, copyfrom_revision, file_pool):
        return [0, path]

    def open_file(self, path, parent_baton, base_revision, file_pool):
        return [0, path]

    def apply_textdelta(self, file_baton, base_checksum):
        file_baton[0] = 1
        # no handler
        return None

    def close_file(self, file_baton, text_checksum):
        changed, path = file_baton
        if len(path) < 3 or path.lower()[-3:] != '.py' or not changed:
            # This is not a .py file, don't care about tabs
            # TODO - only look inside trunk

        # Read the file contents through a tab-finder
        subpool = core.svn_pool_create(self.pool)

        stream = core.Stream(fs.file_contents(self.txn_root, path, subpool))

        data = stream.read()  # core.SVN_STREAM_CHUNK_SIZE)
        for line in data.splitlines():
            if _tabs.match(line):
                msg = ("Python file contains lines that begin with tabs: '%s'\n"
                       "There may be others as well." % (path,))


def check_tabs(pool, repos_path, txn):
    def authz_cb(root, path, pool):
        return 1

    fs_ptr = repos.svn_repos_fs(repos.svn_repos_open(repos_path, pool))
    txn_ptr = fs.open_txn(fs_ptr, txn, pool)
    txn_root = fs.txn_root(txn_ptr, pool)
    base_root = fs.revision_root(fs_ptr, fs.txn_base_revision(txn_ptr), pool)
    editor = ChangeReceiver(txn_root, base_root, pool)
    e_ptr, e_baton = delta.make_editor(editor, pool)
    repos.svn_repos_dir_delta(base_root, '', '', txn_root, '',
                              e_ptr, e_baton, authz_cb, 0, 1, 0, 0, pool)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    assert len(sys.argv) == 3
    core.run_app(check_tabs, sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2])

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