[Twisted-Python] twisted-2 won't work with Fedora

Neal Becker ndbecker2 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 09:02:12 EST 2006

There is a big problem with twisted on Fedora/Redhat multiarch.  For
example, x86_64.

The problem is that Fedora puts arch-independent (.py) code into a different
directory than arch-dependent code.

Unfortunately, this doesn't quite work correctly with python's module search

The problem shows up when twisted-sumo is installed.  Then we have:


This won't work.

I realize the problem is with python module search, but it looks like a big
effort fix the code.  A simpler solution would be for twisted to just avoid
the problem.  If twisted put core c-code into a different place, we could


That would solve the problem.

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