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John Pote johnpote at jptechnical.co.uk
Wed Mar 22 04:46:18 EST 2006

Thanks for the replies. I can go ahead with Twisted with confidence. I 
guess I'll be back to this list for some help on the 'boiler plate' 
IConsumer stuff (or is this in the docs somewhere?).

Best wishes,

John Pote

Christopher Armstrong wrote:

> On 3/21/06, *John Pote* <johnpote at jptechnical.co.uk 
> <mailto:johnpote at jptechnical.co.uk>> wrote:
>     API stability: FTPClient is stable, FTP and FTPFactory (server) is
>     unstable.
>     As it is the server that I am interested in the 'unstable' comment is
>     somewhat worrying. Any comments on this instability would be
>     appreciated. i.e. is it particular situations that cause problems
>     or are
>     there general problems with the server that may occur doing simple
>     things.
> First, note that it refers to *API* stability, not performance 
> stability. The only thing "unstable" means in this context is that we 
> reserve the right to change the interface of the FTP server in a way 
> that could possibly break end-user code, although that's only if 
> backwards compatibility is impossible. In practice, code written 
> against an "unstable" Twisted interface doesn't often  break outright 
> upon upgrade; instead deprecated APIs will give you warnings when you 
> continue to use them, and hopefully sufficiently describe the correct 
> way to use the functionality.
>     Also I do not want the uploaded file contents written directly to
>     disk.
>     I want to pass it to another python app/object to decode it,
>     format it
>     and finally append it to a file on disk. Could the Twisted ftp server
>     allow such 'filtering'? The reason for doing this via ftp is the data
>     source client is a GPRS modem that has ftp built in (but not
>     http). The
>     alternative is to do my own thing directly via TCP. Comments invited.
> The FTP server framework definitely supports such things, although you 
> have to go through a bit of boilerplate. You eventually end up 
> implementing your own IConsumer to handle the data, which means you'll 
> get chunks of data handed to you as it comes in and you can do what 
> you want with it.
> Hope this helps. If you need any more detailed info feel free to post 
> again.
> -- 
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