[Twisted-Python] waitForDeferred Question

Tim Allen screwtape at froup.com
Sat Mar 11 00:46:43 EST 2006

On 11 Mar 2006, at 15:44, Brian Granger wrote:

> Here is a typical (madeup) usage case:
>>>> a = TwistedEnabledObject()
>>>> a.connect(addr)                # This uses reactor.connectTCP to
> connect to a server
>>>> myresult = a.computeSomethingUsingTwisted(args)     # This  
>>>> should block!!!
> ...and maybe...
>>>> y = f(myresult)
>>>> plot(y)
> The key point is that the user will want to direclty use myresult
> interactively.  Also they won't know ahead of time what actions they
> will want to do.  Anyone who has used Matlab or Mathematica
> (scientists) will find this way of working extremely familiar.  There
> is simply no way that users will want to get a Deferred() and add
> callbacks to trigger actions.  Thus I would argue that I DO want to
> make my properly written asynchronous code blocking.

It sounds like this is a user-interface problem rather than a  
software-design problem. A common tool for solving such problems is  
to ask, "What does other, similar software do?".

It occurs to me that the problem you're facing is not unlike, oh, job- 
control in bash or zsh. I'd imagine a usage case that looks something  
like this:

 >>> a = TwistedEnabledObject()
 >>> a.connect(addr)
[1] TwistedEnabledObject.connect(self, addr)
[1] done TwistedEnabledObject.connect(self, addr)
 >>> result1 = a.computeSomethingUsingTwisted(args)
[1] TwistedEnabledObject.computeSomethingUsingTwisted(args)
 >>> result2 = a.computeSomeOtherThingUsingTwisted(args)
[2] TwistedEnabledObject.computeSomeOtherThingUsingTwisted(args)
 >>> print 1+3
 >>> jobs()
[1] running TwistedEnabledObject.computeSomethingUsingTwisted(args)
[2] running TwistedEnabledObject.computeSomeOtherThingUsingTwisted(args)
 >>> print repr(result1)
<deferredResult (waiting for result)>
[1] done TwistedEnabledObject.computeSomethingUsingTwisted(args)
 >>> print repr(result1)
<deferredResult with value: 42>
 >>> print result.value

I think I'd appreciate an environment like that more than an  
environment that made me wait for things all the time. I don't know  
if it's possible to achieve with your PyCrust/Twisted hybrid, of course.

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