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Stefano Canepa sc at linux.it
Wed Mar 1 10:49:34 EST 2006

Il giorno mer, 01/03/2006 alle 10.01 +0100, lucaberto at libero.it ha
> Hello i have some problem with pyserial.
> In one forum peoples said the with twisted serial i can solve this problem.
> Can you help me to configure the port as show below:
> data baud = 38400
> parity= odd
> byte delay= 40000
> rec timeout = 200
> stop bit= 2
> serial control line:
> dtr = high
> rts= low
> toggle this line for a reset:
> rts. 
> and also were i can find some sample of twisted and serial communication
	you can check out twisted from its subversion repository the go to the
doc/core/examples directory and take a look at gpsfix.py and mouse.py.
Just one little note serialport uses pyserial so I think that if do not
want to use twisted just try to figure out how pyserial work.


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