[Twisted-Python] Basic twisted question

Torsten Irländer feldmatrix at gmx.de
Sat Jul 29 09:49:09 EDT 2006

I'm new to twisted and I have some problems on understandins some
basic concepts on building applications upon the twisted framework. 

The examples in Fettig's book brought me on the right track I think
but I'm not sure. So I would like to ask you for some hints and

I try to build a small IMAP client which shoul be able so do some
very basic operations lke mailboxlisting and fetch some images.
Nothing more for the first. Based on Fettig's IMAP examples I did the

For each operation I want to do I wrote a own protocol. I started
with a basic protocol which simply connects to the server. Then in
the next step I wrote the protocol which lists the users mailbox.
This protocol is inheritated from the first exentend this with the
methods to list the mailbox. As you can see I planned to build some
kind of inhertance tree for the protcols. Continuing this way I
would end up with many small protocols doing one single task, and
I'm not sure If this is a good approach. Do you have any comments on

If it is not clear to you what I meant I can provide some code of
course. At the moment this things is pretty small :)

best regards 

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