[Twisted-Python] twistd question

Stéphane Brault stephane_brault at yahoo.fr
Mon Jul 24 18:20:39 EDT 2006

Thanks Tristan,
 so I installed python2.4-twisted (debian sarge 3.1 by the way), but I don't have twistd2.4.
 Now if I run twistd -y myserv.py it tells me I've got the wrong number of arguments. I must say
 I'm quite new to twisted, even if I succeede in writing y servers and managed to have them run
 on my dev computer (windows), but I wouldn't deploy on windows.

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* Stéphane Brault <stephane_brault at yahoo.fr> [2006-07-24 22:50:24 +0200]:

>  I'm using sasync and sqlalchemy. I'm deploying my application on a debian distribution,
>  installing python 2.4. The trouble is that it also installs python 2.3 and when I use twistd
>  it doesn't recognize packages in the 2.4 distribution. Is there a way around this ?

As python2.3 is currently still the "default" version of python in
Debian, "twistd" runs twistd with python2.3. You should be able to use
"twistd2.4" in order to run twisted with python2.4, however; if this
binary is not available, make sure you have the "python2.4-twisted"
package installed. (You don't mention which debian distribution you are
using, so that package may or may not be necessary...)
mithrandi, i Ainil en-Balandor, a faer Ambar

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