[Twisted-Python] Starting services

David Pratt fairwinds at eastlink.ca
Mon Jul 10 14:03:36 EDT 2006

Hi. I am coming back to resolve a service starting issue and wanted to 
bounce this around to see it this is feasible.

First I want all services contained in a multiservice however my main 
service must be fully initialized before starting the other services. It 
is a pb client and I want to ensure I have a server connection first 
before the other services from the first once it starts.

To do this I am thinking i can attempt start the main service first but 
run as a separate service (not a child of multiservice)

If this main first service starts successfully, I will add it to a 
multiservice with the other services, then start the multiservice.

First issue is that starting a service does not provide a deferred and I
need to know I have made a connection to the pb server. Second is 
whether I can add a running service to a multiservice instance. Can 
someone advise on the feasibility of this approach. Many thanks.


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