[Twisted-Python] ftp client question

Michele Petrazzo michele.petrazzo at unipex.it
Mon Jul 3 12:12:33 EDT 2006

Thomas Jacob wrote:
>> May be that my server isn't a "real" server, but an "hylafax" 
>> server that act like a ftp server?
> I guess that's the problem. Looking at your myftp.py and your email, 
> maybe the hylafax-ftp-server responds with a 230 after the USER 
> command, even though a password is still required, thereby violating
>  the FTP protocol:

This isn't true:
at "def cancelPasswordIfNotNeeded(response):", I add: "print response" and:

['331 Password required for michele.'] # send the password
['230 User michele logged in.']

So hylafax (ftp server) work well, like specification!

You can read also the old "user+230" issue:

> ?

For me and my project, my patch work, but isn't so beautiful to see, and
I have to control if all work well every time that I update twisted.
(due to the rewrite of some methods)
Another thing if that if the server work like specific (like seem),
twisted lack of that useful function!


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