[Twisted-Python] FOSS, Science, and Public activism

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Sat Jul 1 20:19:09 EDT 2006

I just want to be clear that Dr. Love's crusade has nothing to do with Twisted, and while I have no specific comment on the issues he discussed in his message, I do object to the Twisted lists being used for spam of any kind, whether commercial, religious, or political.  I've removed his address from the subscription list and hopefully this won't happen again.

I encourage those of you who agree with his assessment that "courtesy must sometimes take a back seat" to contact him using some of the information he helpfully provided, and discuss his ideas personally.

On Sat,  1 Jul 2006 19:02:04 -0400 (EDT), proclus at gnu-darwin.org wrote:

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