[Twisted-Python] ssh manhole

Phil Christensen phil at bubblehouse.org
Sun Jan 1 18:29:54 EST 2006


so, i've read over a number of threads in the archives, and the docs  
on tm.com, and i think i'm missing a few pieces of info, so i'd  
appreciate any help.

for the moment i have a multiservice application that i've added a  
telnet manhole interface to. however, due to the deprecation of the  
twisted.manhole.telnet module, and my disinterest in sending  
passwords in plaintext, i'd like to update this to use ssl.

this much i know how to do, but then i would assume the only way to  
connect to this interface would be with the openssl binary (i think  
i've done this before), as it would still be using the manhole- 
specific login system.

what i'd really like is to be able to use a regular ssh client to  
connect, ideally by implementing a Portal on the back end to  
authenticate users against an existing database. if it could use that  
nifty manhole syntax coloring, so much the better.

is this actually possible? i have to admit i have a great deal of  
ignorance about the difference between a terminal connection through  
openssl and an actual ssh login, and I've never gotten my feet wet  
with conch before.

i guess what i'm asking is what modules should i look at, and what  
classes should i expect to have to implement to make this happen? (of  
course, providing it is actually possible to do this)...

i know there's the PB interface into manhole that could be easily  
encrypted, but i am enthusiastic about using this kind of feature on  
several projects, and i'd like to end up with something that's easily  
plugged into "any" server...

thanks in advance,


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