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christian simms christian.simms at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 12:03:20 EST 2006

As a happy (if that's possible :-) user of Twisted and Nevow, please add the
snippet below to the Success Stories page if you'd like.

Since I'm delurking now, I might as well 'fess up that I run Twisted on
Windows for development (I'm part of the silent mass of Windows users that
Glyph was looking for), but I use Linux for production.  And since the
performance of PostgreSQL sucks on Windows (at least up through PostgreSQL
8.0), I only do heavy duty testing on Linux.  I have looked at the skipped
Twisted tests on Windows, but have not yet found any that I could fix
myself.  Though if anyone has suggestions I'd be welcome to devote a little
time to helping out.

Here's some general feedback:
1. Core of Twisted is really solid.  Design is excellent, and almost all
problems I encounter have already been taken into account in API.
2. I've gotten burned when trying to keep synchronous-style code
synchronous, like by using the naughty deferredResult.  I did it (just in my
admin tool) even though you guys say not too.  The only way to learn not to
do it is to touch the flame and get burned.
3. Nevow is still moving a lot, but you guys know that.  Parts of it are as
good as Twisted.  Even though I initially loved stan, I got wacked by its
performance and had to move to more string based rendering, since my app is
really dynamic I can't use standard type templates at all.

Keep up the good work!


Botonomy LLC is a small software firm in the Philadelphia area.  We
help small teams solve large problems.

Our first application, ProjectPipe (http://www.projectpipe.com), is a
hosted project management solution that provides midsize teams with
everything that they need to manage IT projects.  We have built our
hosted application infrastructure atop Twisted, Nevow, PostgreSQL, and
Jabber/XMPP.   Twisted's multi-protocol support has been one of the
key enablers of the unique technical architecture that we employ in
our product offerings.

The core Twisted development team consistently demonstrates a strong
commitment to delivering robust, high quality software.  Twisted's
documentation is accurate and concise, and the expertise and
helpfulness of the larger developer community is second-to-none.

When evaluating the technologies on which you are staking your
business, you need to evaluate both the code and the community that
surrounds it.  Twisted passes with flying colors in both regards.
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