[Twisted-Python] Using D-Bus with Twisted

Gavrie Philipson [Twisted] gavrie.42224911 at bloglines.com
Mon Dec 11 09:03:28 EST 2006


I'm about to start a project which involves adding D-Bus support to an
existing Python application that is based on Twisted.
The latest dbus-python versions include some tantalizing references to
planned support for integrating D-Bus into the Twisted mainloop.
However, I understand that this is not ready yet...?

What would be the easiest way to integrate D-Bus and Twisted right now? I
know that Twisted can use the GLib event loop, but will this work out of the
box? I found some references to doing this with older versions of the
dbus-python API, but nothing recent.

Does anyone have examples available that use the current API?

Please note that I asked on the D-Bus mailing list, and got the advice
to ask here; see:


-- Gavrie Philipson

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